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The “orgasm formula” and the colloid theory of life help solve the mind-body equation!

The Colloid Theory of Life

The path-clamp technique that allows us to see living cells in action
at a microscopic (particle) level mimics the structure of the entire
universe. These cells can be alive because gravity presses down on the
glass surface of the patch clamp, which is hooked on by two tendons on
opposite sides surrounded by “muscle” and separates the colloids at
exactly the same rate as they would separate in our own “reality.” In
other words, we have perfectly balanced the Nernst equilibrium of our
own “patch-clamp” universe with that of the Nernst equilibrium of our
patch clamp. So we can “see” “life” — Gravity is orgone. It took care
of the rest.



The Orgasm Formula

Orgasm is mechanically possible thanks to the core (motor) of the genital system, which functions according to the laws of biophysics. The core in women is the clitoris, and the core in men is the prostate!

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